Beyond The Veil

TV Series

Beyond the Veil features the psychic ability of Amber Anderson. It's a half hour Television show with a live audience. People wishing to speak to their loved ones who have crossed over to the other side can now do so. Ambers warmth and kindness shines through in each episode. Everyone who has had a reading with Amber walks away a true believer, even the most hardened skeptics. You see how Amber goes into details, how she speaks of things she could never had known or learned about the people she is reading. She is patient and answers all questions. There also is a few minute segment at the end of each show where Amber takes questions from the audience. It's truley a show packed with emotions.

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Contact info: 908-246-5364

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Assistant Director/Producer: Roberto Lombardi

Producer: John Orrichio

Executive Producer: Carmine Orrichio

Music by: John Orrichio, David Grego and George Sladek

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