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David Sitbon

David is a licensed funeral director & embalmer. He currently works full-time working in forensics. His favorite holiday has always been Halloween & has a passion for horror films. Since 2002, David has been acting for TV & film. His first starring role was as the evil Lex Blackheart in Troubled Moon Films' "Zombies By Design" and has played other lead characters since. Sitbon has even helped produce a few films and is always searching for the next great script being filmed in his area. David became a fan of John Orrichio's work back in 2006 after he bought some of John's early films at a horror convention. After learning that John films near-by, David contacted him & expressed his interest in working with John. Mr. Sitbon first worked for Orrichio Films playing the character Charlie in the film "Abduction". IMDb Page:


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