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Suzi Lorraine


New York City native Suzi Lorraine is an actor, writer and model. She has appeared in over 40 independent films resulting in the opportunity to work all over the world. One of her most memorable roles in her career was having shared scenes with Hugh Grant in the Marc Lawrence film “Music and Lyrics.” Her work has led to her being honored at film festivals including, “Suzi Lorraine Night”, in Torino, Italy at the Empire Theatre and at the prestigious “Ravenna Nightmare Film Festival” in Ravenna, Italy. On both occasions, the festivals featured a retrospective of her films. Suzi is particularly drawn to the horror and comedy genres. Most appealing to her are roles that fuse the two in order to complement her own quirky and offbeat sense of humor. Among her biggest inspirations have been dark comedies such as “Evil Dead" and "Basket Case." Her adoration of genre films has led her to be featured in "Claang: The Game", "Kingdom of Gladiators", "Destined to be Ingested", "Won Ton Baby!", "Sea of Dust", and "Bikini Girls on Ice". For the past five years, Suzi’s column, “Diary of a Scream Queen", has been featured in Gorezone Magazine, a UK-based genre magazine that has a circulation of 90,000 issues per month. In October 2009, Suzi co-hosted the Gorezone Film Festival in London, England. She also recently co-hosted several "MonsterFest" episodes for the AMC channel. Suzi recently finished working behind the camera for the first time, after completing the horror/comedy feature film "Won Ton Baby!" A story about a cannibalistic devil baby with an Elvis pompadour who goes on a killing rampage, Suzi created the story, co-produced, and co-starred in the film. In her spare time, Suzi enjoys travelling, writing, and collecting Alice Cooper memorabilia. Suzi's official website is - IMDb Page:


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