Johnny Blue

Two families, share a dark secret which tears them both apart. 'Johnny Blue' is the story of two teenage boys from different backgrounds that find friendship through music and the love of playing the guitar. Johnny is an exceptional guitarist and singer.

He lives at home with his parents, Ellen and Louis. Louis is confined to a wheelchair after an automobile accident left him a paraplegic. Louis dislikes Julie and Charles, an African-American family who just moved into their neighborhood. Johnny befriends Charles who also plays the guitar.

Ellen, Johnny's Mom, is having a difficult time trying to take care of Louis. Johnny is worried that he will lose his father. It is revealed that Charles' father was murdered and that the crime was never solved. As the two boys become friends, the realization of just who might have murdered Charles father comes to light.

With lives full of lies, the boys suffer from the mistakes of their parents. See what happens when Johnny discovers that the murder of his best friend's father could have been commited by his Dad.

Starring: Shirley Jones, Roberto Lombardi, Jennifer Wiener and Christy Callas Directed by: John Orrichio

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Assistant Director/Producer: Roberto Lombardi

Producer: John Orrichio

Executive Producer: Carmine Orrichio

Music by: John Orrichio

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